12th International Agricultural Exhibition Machinery, inputs (Fertilizers, Pesticides, Seeds) and Irrigation

The 12th International Agricultural Exhibition

Machinery, inputs (Fertilizers, Pesticides, Seeds) and Irrigation

April 26 – 29, 2016

Shiraz, Iran



     The 12th international agricultural exhibition was held on April 26 – 29, in Shiraz.

     Fortunately this exhibition as one of the most important tools to promote international trade was held successfully and all the expected goals were obtained.

     The total area, allocated to the exhibition, was 9700sqm, out of which 1240sqm were for foreign countries.

     152 domestic companies in addition to 85 companies from 8 countries as Germany, France, Turkey, Netherlands, China, Belarus, Italy, Spain, exhibited the recent innovations and technologies in the area of machinery, inputs (fertilizers, pesticides and seeds) and irrigation.

     62000 visitors including farmers and agricultural experts from 20 provinces visited the exhibition.

     One of the most important aspects of this show was the attendance of Mr. Keshavarz deputy of agricultural Jihad ministry, Mr. Shariatmadar the advisor of the minister.

     Mr.PeterBleser, Parliamentary Deputy of agriculture ministry of Germany also attended the exhibition.

    Another important aspect of the show was a two-day seminar on current and future trends in global and Iranian agriculture, including machinery trend, trends in cultivation and sowing, reducing losses in wheat harvesting, sustainable crop protection, optimizing plant nutrients and irrigation strategies.

     The articles were presented by German and Iranian professors and experts. Simultaneous translation of English to Persian and vice versa was provided via head set to individual participants.

In addition to presenting scientific articles, Mr.Peter Bleser, Mr.Keshavarz and Mr.Shariatmadar addressed the audiences. All of them wished the organizer and all exhibitors the best of success for the trade fair and hoped, of course, cooperation in holding trade fairs continue in near future…

     In holding this seminar, Shiraz chamber of commerce played an effective role. In addition to allocating the halls, they provide a friendly and comfortable atmosphere to create a dialogue between deputy of Iranian minister and German parliamentary deputy of agriculture minister. Also they provide possibilities for producers and exporters and progressive farmers to meet the agriculture policy makers.

     Mass media such as TV, radio and specialized agricultural magazines and journals were very active and broadcasted the news and the events of the exhibition.

     Charts show the different aspects of the fair.

Toward future

     With respect to the success of Agropars-Agrotech in 2016 and wishes of both partners, DLG and NSP, we hope to continue our cooperation during the upcoming years. Surely our learned lessons and experiences will help us to improve our standards.

     To NSP, international fair is not just to promote the import of machinery and inputs, but we believe that the international fair can create an opportunity to promote foreign investment in agriculture and at the same time provide the situation for domestic producers to improve their management. Therefor they may increase their products quality to be able to compete with the other international companies and export their products. That is how the national economy will develop.


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